Lush Tea Party :: Easter 2016

So Easter is nearly over. You've eaten all of your chocolate and you're probably wondering how you can carry on the fun after Easter is done and dusted. Well don't worry because you can still grab some goodies from the Lush Easter range, and believe me, they are wonderful.

love the smell of Bunch Of Carrots. It smells like spring and it really makes me excited for summer.  With ingredients like lemon, bergamot and grapefruit It's such a fresh and refreshing smell. It's also a reusable bubble bar and although they're a little more expensive than other bubble bars they really are worth the extra money. Depending on how many bubbles you like you usually get two or three uses out of them which is worth that little extra.  

I'll be honest, I've never been a huge fan of the insanely glittery bubble bars. They're just not my jam. I can appreciate how ridiculously beautiful they are though and Golden Egg Bath Melt is definitely beautiful. Just being in the same room as this badboy will cover you in glitter. You'll spend the rest of the week feeling like a princess! 

Snow Fairy fans, you'll love this. Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb reminds me of everyone's favourite Lush scent. I'm in the minority here, but Snow Fairy is not one of my favourite scents because it's just so sweet. I much prefer Fluffy Egg's scent because it's not too sickly. 

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar is seriously one of my favourites. The goth rainbow as the lovelies at Lush call it. Maybe it's because of my little emo heart that I'm drawn to the colours of this one or my love for the weirder lush smells. Whatever it is that draws me to this badboy, I just love it. It smells like Parma Violets and it makes the most beautiful coloured bath water. It's huge too! You can break it in half and that way you get more bang for your buck! 

Humpty Dumpty and Which Came First? Bath Bombs are so exciting! Not just because of the funky face and cute designs, or the pops of colours - I can't decide which colour combo is my favourite, but these babies hold a little surprise... Crack them open and you'll find another mini bath bomb inside! I won't spoil it for you, just buy them and crack 'em open!!
Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly is weird. It smells fantastic and it looks seriously cute but it feels weird. Something about the texture doesn't sit right with me. You're probably someone who can ignore that  and just enjoy the wonderful jelly for what it is - a beatifully scented, moisturising shower jelly. I have always been fascinated with the shower jellies. They always look like so much fun! I'd feel quite bad using this little guy though, he'd pretty damn cute. 

What do you think about the Lush's easter range? Have you managed to treat yourself to any of these yet? If you haven't, get them now before they're gone! You should definitely treat yourself to Ultraviolet because it's a dream. A real life dream.

Doggy Treats With Barkbeats*

 We never get tired of treating our dogs do we? I know I don't. I'm always looking for little toys here and there. My only trouble is that I'm really bad at making decisions. Would Rex prefer this rope toy or this funky chicken looking thing? The only thing that I'm ever sure of is if it has a squeaker, he'll love it. It'll drive us mad but he'll love it. 

Well if you're anything like me, never fear because Barkbeats* is here to help! Barkbeats is a monthly subscription box for your pooch. The boxes are full of toys, treats and grooming products that are all handpicked for your furry friend.
It's simple! Just select the size of your dog, select your monthly plan and then enter yours and your dog's information!  The boxes start at £19 for 1 month, £14 per month for 6 months or £13 per month for 12 months.  It just makes life that little easier.  I quite often feel bad if I forget to pick him up a toy every now and then and a subscription box would be perfect. At least one new toy every month and a bunch of treats for him to enjoy. A happy dog makes happy dog parents! 
Speaking of new toys. Look at this badboy. This thing squeaked like you would not believe. I have never heard a dog toy squeak as loudly and as high pitched as this one. Rex absolutely lost it. He patiently waited while I snapped this picture but once it was out of it's packaging he was in. He was occupied for about an hour. Don't get me wrong, it drove us mad, as squeaky toys do, but it's funny to watch him loving life. It took him a fair while to get into it too. He usually tears into a Kong toy in about 5 minutes but he was there for at least an hour before he started to really destroy it. 

His favourite thing from the box was clearly they toy but the treats went down very well too. The Stanford biscuits especially. They actually smelt really great... for dog treats, haha. The water bowl was a happy surprise. I've been looking for a new water bowl for him for a while now and it's pretty damn cute that it's in the shape of a heart. I don't think Rex really gives a damn about that but it does make me smile. 

If you fancy treating your furry friend to a monthly pressie you can do so with 50% off thanks to Barkbeats. Use code Leona50! Take a look in your pooch's eyes and tell me they don't deserve it.

♥ L e o n a 
*I was sent a product to review by BarkbeatsAll views are honest, and in the words of Bert, "indubitably!" my own.

Fussy Eaters, Holla At Me!

I'm a creature of habit. I like what I like and I stick to it. If it ain't broke don't fix it kind of thing. I'm just not a crazy party animal who can mix things up on the daily. The kind of people who just grab life by the balls and try something new are my heroes. I only wish I could live the dream that you are living.

OK, I'm actually not that bad. I'm open to trying new things in my day to day life. Ask me to give something a go and I'm usually game. I'm just glad that snorkelling or swimming in the sea aren't things that come up generally because hellz no. My issue is with food. I just cannot (seriously cannot, I've tried) apply any form of adventure to food. Like I said, I like what I like and I like it that way. So much so that my friends and family could tell you exactly what I'm going to order from certain places:

McDonald's? McChicken Sandwich Meal (Large, obviously. There are never enough chips in a medium!). Coke with no ice.
Asda's Create Your Own pizza? Double pepperoni, hot and spicy chicken and sweetcorn.
Route 38/05/303? BBQ Chicken. Strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and ice-cream (again, obviously. Why wouldn't you have ice cream and cream?) and a regular Pepsi.
Wagamama? Chicken Katsu Curry, Chicken Gyoza. A coke and a tap water.
Indian take-away? Chicken Korma, pilau rice and about 12 popadoms. Roughly. Love me some popadoms.
If we're heading to a local pub or café then you can bet your bottom dollar my face will light up once I see either ham, egg and chips or fish and chips on the menu. They are my jam and they never disappoint. I usually like to pretend that I'm looking for something else on the menu, which is usually met with a look from my sister because she knows that I'll just end up on my old faithfuls.

The list is endless but you've probably got enough to go on, so, I mean, feel free to invite me out for some food now... So, why am I so boring with food? You know what, it's because I've tried to be adventurous in the past and it bit me on the bum every time. I'm also just a really fussy eater and most things on a menu have at least one thing that I don't like. I don't want to be that person who sits there picking away at their food because no one likes to be that person. It's just safer to eat what I like!

I can't be the only one, is anyone else as boring and fussy with food as I am?

♥ L e o n a 

Things I Want To Do This Year.

This is not a list of resolutions, no. This is just a little list of some things I want to do throughout the year. They're not resolutions because I will bloody well get them done! Every year I write a list of goals and I always fail. So I'm trying to trick my mind into thinking the are just a bunch of things that will definitely, absolutely, 100% get done. 

T A K E  M O R E  B A T H S
When I was younger I was really allergic to bubble baths and other bath type products. My skin would come up in an awful itchy rash which, needless to say, put me off of baths for about 20 years of my life... seriously! I was a shower girl. It's no fun having a bath with nothing in, just boring old warm water! Every time I tried bubble baths, bath bombs or anything similar I always had the same reaction. 
For some reason, over this last year the problem has gone away. About a year ago I tried a Lush bath melt for super sensitive skin and my skin was fine. So I used that same one a couple more times, not trying to push my luck by diving right in to a bath bomb or anything, and again my skin was fine. Over the last 6 months or so I've used around loads of different bath bombs and bath melts and they've all been fine! Huzzah! 
I'm making up for lost time this year and I plan on trying as many Lush bath bombs and melts as I can afford! I've already treated myself to about 9 of them since Christmas so I'm doing well! 

S P E N D  M O R E  T I M E  O N  T W I T T E R
I've slacked so badly with Twitter over the last 6 months. I've no idea why because I bloody love it. I follow a bunch of awesome people who lays make me laugh. I think I just get lazy. 

S T O P  B E I N G  L A Z Y.  D O  M O R E  T H I N G S
This is a big one for me. I just love being lazy! I want to spend more time out and about seeing people and places. There are so many beautiful places to visit around here and I just take them for granted. I want to get out and discover the world... Ideally while still wearing my pyjamas because, you know, comfort.

H A V E  M O R E  S L E E P O V E R S  W I T H  M I L E Y
I just cannot spend enough time with this babe. She's hilarious, she pulls the funniest faces and she has the best taste in films. We had a sleepover this weekend and we watched Tangled, Monsters University and Toy Story 1 and 2. No complaints from me, Miley-Moo!! 

G E T  F I T
I was going to say "get fitter" but that would imply that I am already fit and I needed to improve on that. I'm not even a little bit fit so I just need to get fit, pronto. Swimming is my first choice. I love swimming! I mean, sure, mostly for the smell. I love the smell of chlorine! But also because I actually just enjoy swimming. I fugure if I'm going to start somewhere it should be doing something I like! 

G R O W  M Y  N A I L S 
I did so well with growing my nails. For about 3 years I managed to stop and although they would break a lot because I'd been biting them for so long, I still had nails! I started biting them again a few months ago and I was so annoyed at myself! 
Three weeks ago I forced myself to stop and made a promise that once my nails were long enough I would treat myself to some pretty shellac. That way they can grow without breaking and I can just keep getting pretty designs done! I had my first lot of shellac put on this week and oh, they are so beautiful! Here's to having long and beautiful nails for a big important day...

...G E T  M A R R I E D
Pretty much the most important and exciting one... getting married!! It's all in full swing and within the next 6 months Liam and I will be husband and wife. I mean, cheese and rice that's madness, can you believe that?  Husband and wife!! Eek!! 

I think these are all pretty doable, don't you? I mean, that last one is going to be a little stressful along the way but it'll be so wonderful! Seriously, me, I'll be a Mrs in 6 months time! I'm not mature enough to be a Mrs!